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We’re dedicated to providing professional design services that fulfill our clients’ needs, adhere to our clients’ budget and schedule parameters and provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments. Studio  Head specializes in both domestic and commercial construction projects and offer customized renovation services as well. 

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At Studio Head, we strive to make your dream project a reality. If flexible and innovative designs paired with premium quality and durability happen to be your perquisites, then you need not look beyond Studio Head.

Studio Head offers the ideal mix of experience and innovation that not only fulfills your wish but also makes your space, be it your home or your office, really stand out.

We provide Architectural Design and Interior Design services for both residential and commercial  projects and offer customized renovation services as well.

In keeping with our ethos of uncompromised quality, we blend robust engineering with great designs and select the best design methods and construction materials to ensure that our clients get only the finest quality.




Our multi-skilled team is experienced in the fast-paced Design-Build construction delivery method. We know materials, costs and the realities of construction. With that knowledge, we provide the best-value solutions to our clients. Through total coordination and precise communication, we keep all project team members on the same page through every phase of design and construction. Owner, builders, designers, subcontractors and vendors — everyone works together to complete projects on-time, on-budget and to Head-built quality.

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Whether you are building for yourself or as an investment, it is important to us that you feel confident and assured throughout the construction process.

To achieve high-quality construction we refuse to deal with numerous projects at the same time: we focus our efforts on 2 to 3 projects at a time, which allows us to always offer our best skills at each stage of every project.

Our system of work is based on a guaranteed price and a Bill of Quantity (BoQ). A BoQ is a very detailed quote with actual volumes and unit rates for each type of work part of the project. After the BoQ is issued and approved by the client, it is guaranteed that there won’t be any change in the price as long as there are no variations required by the client.

We also offer up to 10-years warranty on our constructions, we claim our payments based on progress, all the project documentation is regularly updated and our contracts include penalties for delays if ever we were to deliver behind schedule. This contributes to reassure our clients on our professionalism and commitment to deliver our best for each project.

If quality, peace of mind and security are assets you value, we will be happy to work with you.















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